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Well, I wrote this on my tumblr before, but I wanted to post this here, so my Watchers can understand my feelings towards DeiSaso.

I know this topic is so irrelevant, but I still wanted to let off steam.
I've been back to the DeiSaso Fandom lately and it was awesome and all, until I remebered, why I actually hated it. ( the fandom )
It's really been bothering me and now I have to write it down, in hopes that I can find more people who think like me.
Btw, it isn't only distinctive in this fandom, but also in all other fandoms that have to do with 'forced BL couples'.
I rembembered my pain when I browsed through some Deviantpages.
The thing that relates to DeiSaso ( or how most people see them: SasoDei, which is actually a part of my rant ) is, that people see them as a 'hot yaoi couple with a kinky puppet and its sex-slave.' … And there's the point where I wonder, if people actually read NARUTO. I mean, come on, where in hell would two evil ninja, actually hate-loving each other ( or admiring, idk ) be always and everywhere interested in fucking each other? Seriously.
And the worst part: 'Popular' fanartists ( and with popular I don't mean good, I mean, followed by a crowd of mindless yaoi-zombies. ) spread this opinion. ( I am not going to name specific persons, there are too many. )
I am really searching through DeviantArt, hoping that I find accurate pictures that show Deidara and Sasori in accurate poses and looks. But there aren't many. Not only is it that most pictures are actually SasoDei, which is completely awry ( Where in the bloody hell is Deidara girly? And where the fuck is Sasori not a sissyish bitch? Damn. ), it is also that most of the pouplar pictures show them as the perverted couple I mentioned above.
Guys, come on, if you want to draw a kinky couple, that has relentlessly sex, invent it. But don't rape characters, that already exist and already have a certain nature. Kishimoto didn't contrive them so that you can live out your pervertions with them.
I have to admit, I like to ship them, but I keep them the way they are.
Congrats to whoever made it this far.
Rant over for now.
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And everything'll be alright.~
My Sketchblog. :B
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Yeah so .. I just wnated to get rid of my previous Entry so I'm making this one .. uuuh I absolutely have no idea what to write here and I don't really want to complain about anything, I think these entries are not made for that ..

Ich kann auch mal was auf Deutsch schreiben ..

Ou en francais ..

Or again in english .. actually .. I'm pretty bored .. as you may see ..

Uuuuh .. sorry for the abscence in the last months, but I don't really find any time to upload anything. XD
Theatre and school, you know ..

Uhm .. yeah .. well .. when something interesting comes to my mind, I'm gonna write it down here. :B

PS: GO Lena!
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This took too long for only a few bits of art ..


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Kaaaay .. like I predicted .. 4 months .. I'm laughing at my own fail .. maybe I'll be able to update a little more regular idk

Because I'm bored, I finally decided to do that meme thingy which I was tagged for by :iconsuperbiasqualo: .. and I think :icontobitari: tagged me as well 8D


1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

1. I love languages. And I love learning / speaking them. Especially rare ones like Icelandic and Zulu. 8D
2. I love singing along to songs. But I have a terrible voice. It's like torture to my fellows. Pffft.
3. I wanna be a Graphicdesigner or working as a part of an animated movie.
4. The only time I'm creative and I want to draw is after looking at awesome art from other people. lol.
5. I hate the ^^-thingy. Seriously.
6. I very often criticize people in the tv. I can't stop. It's just too tempting. And my mother's sick of it. Pfft.
7. I love cats. Seriously, I could eat them. And if I did that to my cat, I'd be full for like 2 weeks
8. I hate it when people I like have problems and I just can't help them or I am too shy to talk to them.
9. I hate it, when people write without any punctation. It's impossible to read, damn!
10. I'm a choleric.

I will NOT tag anyone .. because I have no friends 'cause I'ma go to bed now.
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  • Drinking: Fanta annnnd gross champagne..
It's my Burfday! 8D

I'm officially legal whatever I do.
Except in the USA. lol
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  • Drinking: Nothing like, in hours D:
Pfft, I love how the title of the song, I'm listening to fits so perfectly to my abscence in my journal : D

umm, idk

i feel the urge to write something down here, but i seriously don't know. yeah. ummm, what can I say?

i gotta stay up til 0 am because a friend of mine has her 18th birthday tomorrowa and of course i'm gonna call her, haha

lol, idk

uuuh, my brain is like a mass of smut D:

i just have to write something in english here, because my english class was kinda disappointing, our teacher has a very bad german accent and .. i'd expected all those, who were on exchange last year to speak at least better english than most of us do, but .. hmm they don't..

i hope i can soon have a great photoshoot with my sister :icontobitari: and our Dino & Hibari cosplay. we're about to climb a school for it, haha;;

ugh, i'm so tired D;

and i wanna draw, but .. I'm too tired ..

so, ima go phone my friend in about 10 minutes and then let my journal be for about the next 4 months, haha;;
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  • Watching: i caaan't, i've got no sound on my comp :C
  • Playing: nuthin'
  • Eating: i ate... früchtetraum, haha wtf, i love it
  • Drinking: a. big. bottle. of. chocolatemilk. : D
omg, i'm like...1 year on deviantart


i fail

i'm hyper 'cause of that


not really.

but, i wanted to draw a super amazing awesum :iconomgyayplz: pic, but...yea
my tablet doesn't work
and even if it did
my comp wouldn't cooperate with it, haha

Faiiil, durr

so, anyone (i don't think there's even anyone at all, lol) who waited, has to go on waiting, lolo

it'll be a super amazing awesum :iconomgyayplz: pic
i hope

mrah, there's not even anybody who reads this, and i just wrote this for my own sake, so stfu
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  • Watching: kingdom hearts random crap ~w~
  • Playing: better 'want to': kingudomu hatsu
  • Eating: salmon...creme? O:
  • Drinking: a. big. bottle. of. strawberrymilk. : D

i really don't know

i just wanted to update my journal, because the old one's like 4 months old .__.;;


i can't think of anything O:

i'm not a person of big words either so...

this is all i can write right now :|

it's nearly 0h, i'm sick and nobody wants to hear/read this anyway, so ima gonna go to bed and be happy with O:

somebody's thinking of me, i'm sneezing all the time ~__~
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  • Drinking: :U
yes, we have snow

in november


short journal is short
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  • Drinking: guess :I
i...thought about updating my journal...i mean my last entry was about my birthday xD;

well, i still have no idea what to write :/

i just wanted to say something about pokito... lol

(info: pokito could be seen as the german 4kids, it's famous for its very bad dub of naruto and that it cuts every single piece of blood out of the series (it's also famous for this veery bad op…, i can't even listen >A<:/)

ich bin etwas stolz auf pokito
ich guck gestern so rtl 2 und dann seh ich begeistert re:member als op laufen (eins meiner lieblings-ops), hach ich hätte vor freude tanzen können
und dann:

der ansager von mega hiro sagt AKATSKI lolol
wow, endlich hats mal einer kapiert! (und vor allem nich "akatskiS!!!)

wär schön wenn sies zu shippuuden auch noch mit den namen und techniken hinkriegen :D (und wir nich nen sasooorie und daidaaara bekommen :D)

aber dann war ich verblüfft über die ignoranz der mega hiro leute...
ich mein, sasoris wahres gesicht soll doch geheim bleiben >A< und dann zeigen die es in der zeitschrift D:
lmao, jaja....

okay....this is in german because i'm too lazy to write everything in english xD;

i'll try to sum it up it:

i'm proud of pokito!
i was watching rtl 2 when i noticed they changed the op into the japanese original! i was so happy lol

then in a commercial for a magazine for kids about anime, the guy who presented it, said akatski!! not akatsookee or akatsookees! (happens not very often in the german tv D: ) i'd wish that they could manage to pronounce the names right until shippuuden (or we'll get a sasooorie and daidaara :|)

but then i was disappointed because they showed sasoris true form in that magazine! it should be a secret, but they revealed it even before shippuuden started D<

i think that was it...

next journal will be in like 2 months xD;
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  • Drinking: guess :I
well, uhmm since my last journal entry is like 5 months old, i just wanted to write something new...

i was actually planning to do a new journal entry 2 months ago, but im lazy as hell D:


i have no idea what to write...:I


oh yes,...uhmm i found out some time ago, that i really wanna talk to someone who talks english as native language D:
i always talk with a friend of mine in english becuz shes pretty good at talking (and i dont think im that bad either), but, well, yes, lol, forgot what i wanted to say...

changing the subject:
oh yes im going to the kramermarkt today lol
8D itll be fun (i hope)

and also: 5 days and im 17 finally >D
still one year and im legal >D

end of speech lol
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  • Watching: Narutowned
  • Eating: Chocolate...again...
  • Drinking: :F
Yeah, i was in berlin last week and i think it was great......just wanted to write that here...  ._.°


:iconschuelerverzeichnis: :icondeutsch: :iconlily-fc:
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  • Reading: Dictionary ;_;
  • Watching: Germany's Next Topmodel, I'm forced, I swear!
  • Eating: Nawthing
  • Drinking: :0
Man, I`m so bored, but I shouldn't be, because I'm actually pretty busy...

Also if someone (maybe German, too :D) wants to chat with me (I'm really really bored ;_;) then just speak to me  (I'm so desperated xD)

Und natuerlich die super Gruppen von :iconschuelerverzeichnis: und :icondeutsch:


I shouldn't laugh....  DX

O my God. I thought while adding the mood icon, that there were to blobs... o_o;
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